Do your health a favor: DON’T keep this stuff in your home

Written by: on Saturday, March 10th, 2012
PIllsbury Vanilla Easy Frost Frosting

Don't keep this stuff in the house if you're watching your weight!


When I discovered Pillsbury’s Easy Frost Frosting in a Can, I was excited (that was the mom side of me). Now I could frost cupcakes or cookies for school parties in minutes with zero hassle and mess. It tastes really good and it comes in holiday colors (e.g. pink for Valentine’s Day) as well as chocolate, cream cheese, and vanilla—which are available every day.

BUT (and this is healthy side of me) the ingredient list reads like a long list of nutrition don’ts (including trans fats); if you go to the Pillsbury site to look up the nutritional information, it’s noticeably absent (that’s a sure sign that there’s nothing good in it).

It also has 150 calories for two tablespoons. I don’t know anyone who’s going to measure out two tablespoons, which means you’ll squeeze on more frosting than usual because it’s so easy. And that means more calories.

This is dangerous when it comes to snacking at home: leftover frosting should be thrown out immediately. I made the mistake of keeping it—and then when I had a craving for something sweet, I squeezed on a bit to a cookie…and then a bit more…and then a bit more on another cookie. And while I was talking on the phone (never talk while you snack, I should know this!), I squeezed some on to a spoon and ate that. WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING???!!!

I must have taken in at least an additional 500 calories in just frosting alone. It’s dangerous to have this stuff in your home—for your health and your waistline. A better bet: make frosting the traditional way—from scratch. That way, you know the ingredients you’re putting into your—and your kids’ bodies—and you’re less likely to have it around after you need it.