I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!

Written by: on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

I recently read Tina Fey’s new book Bossypants and I laughed—but when I read If It Was Easy, They’d Call The Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon (Living With And Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-So-Handy Man You Married) by Jenna McCarthy (no, not Jenny McCarthy, Jenna!), I actually laughed so hard I had tears running down my face—for almost the entire book. Truly. Honestly. This is one of the funniest (and most truthful) books (about relationships) that I have ever read.

Jenna McCarthy's New Book

After reading this, I ordered 5 copies to give as gifts to my friends

I’ve always wondered why my guy can’t: close his closet or his dresser drawers; why he lacks the ability to EVER wash out the kitchen sink of food and his morning coffee grounds; why he’s unable to find anything in the house and needs to ask me where it is (despite the fact that we’ve both lived in this house for almost 7 years); why he needs to spend eons in the bathroom; etc, etc. Now, I love him…but some things he does drive me absolutely crazy!

If you wonder too why your guy does the most annoying things, get to a bookstore and get this book (out in bookstores tomorrow, October 4, for $15). Not only will Jenna make you laugh about your guy’s, um…well, issues. She’ll also make you appreciate him a lot more with her real women anecdotes (printed throughout the book) of “At Least You’re Not Married to Him”. As Jenna says:

“Now, as husbands go, I have to admit I did all right. Joe is unquestionably handsome, doesn’t leave ragged toenail clippings scattered about the house, and has never once, in nearly five thousand days of togetherness, left the toilet seat up…he’s seen me naked on numerous occasions and still wants to have sex with me. All in all, he’s a catch by pretty much anyone’s standards.

“And yet he still can make me madder than a bag of rabid badgers…the guy seems hell-bent on personally driving me to the nuthouse…But I haven’t [left him] and I won’t, and there are three particularly compelling reasons for this:

1. He’s a guy, and all guys are basically the same, and since I don’t want to die alone, if I got rid of him I’d just be trading in his sometimes infuriating tics for someone else’s, and I’m too old and too tired to even consider that.

2. He puts up with all of my shit. (This really should not be underestimated.)

3. I love him.”

Even if you’re not married and are just in a relationship—or aren’t currently in a relationship but have been in one—you will still love this book. It makes you look at guys in a whole new light—and still love ‘em!

(P.S. I lent this book to one of my best friends—and she called me laughing, saying she LOVED the book too and was passing it on to one of her friends!)

(P.P.S. I went to Jenna McCarthy’s website, jennamccarthy.com, and am now following her on Twitter…but if you’re interested, she’ll be on the Today Show tomorrow morning being interviewed by…Khloe Kardashian)