Demi Moore: No man worth this! 3 Facts Every Woman Should Remember …

Written by: on Saturday, January 28th, 2012
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

No matter how long you were together, Demi, Ashton is not worth ruining yourself over.

I feel bad for Demi Moore. She let her identity and confidence and strength as a woman be totally tied up with Ashton Kutcher, who in my mind is a total jerk. We all know women who have let this be done to them. Enough is enough!

According to news reports, she’s been drinking Red Bulls almost exclusively for months, to the exclusion of almost everything else, including food. And she was reportedly doing whip-it’s (inhaling nitrous oxide) for a high the night she was rushed to the hospital after someone called 911.

Demi, get a grip. No man is worth ruining yourself over. Three facts always worth remembering:

1) YOU are worth it. Something good for every woman to recognize. Stand strong. Be confident about who you are…and never let anyone—including a guy—start becoming everything to you. Have your own job, your own bank account, your own friends, your own life outside of your relationship to ensure this.

2) Women friends should be there for each other. If a woman you know is going through something similar, do NOT go out drinking with her. “Rumor” is that Demi’s 23-year-old daughter Rumer Willis, was out clubbing with her the night Demi ended up in the hospital. Shame on you Rumer! Instead, take her to a kickboxing class at the gym (amazing for getting out aggression while getting the blood circulating!), out to a spa for “men-are-not-worth-it” hot-stone massages, and for an amazing dinner (complete with chocolate cake and ONE glass of wine!).

3) You will survive. We’ve all listened to Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” when we’ve gone through a breakup. Turn on this song and crank up the volume if you’re going through something similar. When the going gets bad, women need to stay strong. Because in the end, YOU WILL SURVIVE!