The Healthier Water Bottle—Everyone Should be Using

Written by: on Friday, August 9th, 2013
Glass Water Bottle with Straw

I've been searching for a glass water bottle with a straw—and found this!


If you’re using a plastic water bottle, as I was until now, you should probably think about switching to glass. There are just way too many studies about the harmful effects of plastic (e.g. the proven neurotoxin BPA or bisphenol A) that make me wonder: will scientists find another harmful chemical 10 years from now in even BPA-free bottles? (And meanwhile, we’ll all have been exposed to it for 10 years….) Plus, I was always worried about leaving my plastic water bottle out in the sun or in a hot car (heat is what causes leaching of BPA from plastic into water and/or food).

So I switched to glass after discovering these water bottles at Whole Foods…and I couldn’t be happier. These bottles (available in 22-ounce and 16-ounce sizes) are easy to clean, leave no aftertaste (as stainless steel bottles can), and come with this cool, easy-to-grip, protective BPA- and BPS (bisphenol-S)- (as well as phthalate-) free silicone shield (available in a variety of colors from; from $22.99).

And they easily fit in car cup holders and the cup holder of an elliptical. And even better: LifeFactory sells similar 9-ounce toddler cups ($16.99). Of course, I had to buy one for my 21-month-old too. Bye bye plastic sippy cups!


Glass Toddler Sippy Cups

A great non-plastic option for young kids!

One last note: did you know that BPA (which has been banned in most countries except the United States) is found on every single cash register and ATM receipt you get? It’s a chemical used in the thermal imaging on receipts…so every time you handle one, BPA is rubbing off onto your hands.

What to do: don’t handle receipts (don’t take a receipt if you can get one e-mailed to you—or have thecashier put it in your bag) and never use Purell to cleanse your hands after handling a receipt; researchers have found that the alcohol in alcohol-based hand sanitizers causes the BPA to be absorbed into the skin faster. Soap and water (as soon as possible after handling) works best…And remember, it’s every little thing that you can change in your lifestyle every day that reduces your toxic load—and that may keep you healthier longer. Be well!