Yummy Gluten- and Dairy-Free Cookies

Written by: on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

These carrot cake cookies are my fave!

I know what you’re probably thinking: gluten- and dairy-free cookies…how good could these possibly taste? But I’m here to tell you these cookies are AMAZING (my favorite flavors: carrot cake, oatmeal raisin walnut, and chocolate chip). I’ve even recommended them to a U.S. Olympic snowboarder I was speaking with recently because she’s gluten- and dairy-free.

The story behind why I eat this way: My son is gluten- and dairy-free—so the rest of us in the family try to eat like him (well, except for his younger sister who likes to tell him, often, that she can eat anything she wants!). What I’ve found is that, by eating this way, I feel more energetic and less bloated and stay at a healthy weight without a lot of effort. But the challenge is finding good-for-you treats that are both gluten- and dairy-free.


These oatmeal raisin cookies taste like scoops of homemade batter…yum!

So when I got sent the Chunkie Dunkie cookies to try*, I was game—and never expected to really LOVE them! These raw, vegan cookies have been created by raw vegan chef Dina Lauro out of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I had to put them in the freezer (they can be frozen for up to six months) because I was finding it hard to stop eating them! One here, then another, and then another…I had to put  a stop to it or I would become a Chunkie Dunkie! (Each cookie has 118 calories and 7 grams of fat—definitely not something you want to eat a lot of in one sitting.)


A healthier chocolate chip cookie that tastes homemade.

Why they taste so good (and are pretty nutritious), according to Lauro: “Our special touch is the organic raw buckwheat groats! We soak, sprout and then dehydrated these power houses for the perfect crunch. After each one is individually scooped they are then dehydrated for  another 10 hours for a crispy outside and a moist flavorful inside.”

But the ingredient list is all stuff you can recognize and don’t mind feeding to your kids (unlike the processed treats available on store shelves these days): raw walnuts, gluten-free rolled oats, pure maple syrup, extra virgin coconut oil, etc.


Next up on my to-try list!

Next up to try: the chocolate chunk fudge brownies which sound truly yummy! (To order, go to chunkiedunkies.com; each five-pack of cookies is $6.49; the brownies are $7.99) And I can tell you: my kids love them (even my daughter!)—and I love feeding them to my kids!

* Full disclosure: I did not pay for these cookies, but I do not (and will not) endorse a product I don’t like. But I would happily re-order myself once these are finished, which won’t be too long at the rate I’m munching on them!