The best darn sunscreen invention!

Written by: on Friday, July 15th, 2011
Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen

I tried this sunscreen for the first time today...and love it!

I have struggled with applying—and reapplying—sunscreen every time I (or one of my young kids) gets out of the pool. Typically you have to dry off, then slather (or spray). And heaven forbid you’re the slightest bit wet; other sunscreens just bead up—but not Neutrogena’s new Wet Skin Sunscreen: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE DRY! Just brilliant!

I tried it today at the pool (I got burned on my back yesterday from swimming laps…ugh, which led me to the drugstore to find a new product, hence this discovery): I sprayed it right on after I did my laps and got back in the pool to play with my kids. My kids loved not having to get dried off for a re-application too! Needless to say, I went to CVS and bought the four bottles remaining on the shelf (I don’t want to run out of THIS stuff this summer). It cost me $14 a bottle…but is worth every penny!

It would also be perfect for a very quick spray on after the swim leg of a triathlon…you don’t have to waste precious time drying off: just spray—and get on your bike! (It also says it works on sweat too, but I haven’t tried it yet.)

* And no, I was not paid to endorse this product or given any free products to try! Just a believer!