10 Get-Fit Gifts (with special money-saving deals!)

Written by: on Monday, December 5th, 2011
Stay-healthy holiday gifts

The best gifts are those that help make you healthier and more fit!

These are just a few things I love that would make perfect presents (for you or a friend) this holiday season.

pair of women's snowshoes

You can burn about 400 calories an hour snowshoeing


1.) GET MOVING! I have a pair of these LLBean Winter Walker Snowshoes ($109; llbean.com) and absolutely love them. They make their way through deep snow with ease, making them perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors or just wants to get fit.

DEAL: FREE shipping plus FREE $10 gift card with any $50 purchase


L'Occitane Hand Cream

Absorbs quickly and moisturizes even the driest of hands!

2.) STAY SMOOTH My hands have been SO dry lately from parched indoor air and frequent washing, I couldn’t wait for Santa to bring me a tube of L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream ($26; usa.loccitane.com). I bought one myself. It contains shea butter (of course!), honey and sweet almond extract, and vitamin E along with jasmine and ylang-ylang. (Works on tired feet too!) Makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

DEAL: Free shipping on orders over $25


The Silver Diva Necklace

You can have this imprinted with whatever saying you want.

3.) BE INSPIRED This Mother’s Hands Birthstone Necklace ($68; the-silver-diva.com) is actually on my Christmas list this year. Love the fact that you can have any motivating phrase you want stamped on this sterling silver necklace, although I’m going to keep the one that’s here (“A mother holds a child’s hands for awhile & their hearts forever.”). In the center: a Swarovski crystal birthstone.

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Anti-fatigue mats for kitchen, laundry and bath

These have been tested to reduce leg fatigue by up to 60 percent!

4.) FEEL GOOD I have one of these Imprint Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mats (on sale now for $54.99 for 20” x 36”; imprintmats.com) in front of my kitchen sink as it makes standing less of a chore, particularly after a tough workout. Also love that they’re eco-friendly and made from non-toxic materials, important in a home of three kids! Makes the perfect gift for a cook and an athlete.

DEAL: $5 shipping on all orders

Pedometers from Striiv

Probably the coolest pedometer I've ever seen!

5.) GET FIT How cool is this Striiv Pedometer ($99; striiv.com)! It highlights the typical pedometer stuff (in a sleek design): steps, stairs, calories, distance. But the more you walk, the more you can donate to a charity of your choice, achieve goals with every step you take, and even play games. Anyone who is looking to get fit will LOVE this!

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Heart Rate Monitor for Bikes

Love the big, easy-to-read displays on this bike monitor...

6.) STAY STRONG This is a one fabulous deal! Get a Polar CS500 or Polar CS500 Tour de France Bike Mount Heart Rate Monitor for 44 percent! off the original price (was $319; now $179 for a limited time; heartmonitors.com). A perfect gift for a triathlete—or yourself!

DEAL: Enter code POLAR500 to get the special rate and FREE shipping.



Under Armour Cold Gear Colorblock Compression Leggings

Available in six different trim colors.

7.) BE WARM I love going out for a run on a brisk, sunny winter’s day—as long as I’m layered up. These Under Armour Coldgear Colorblock Compression chafe-free Leggings ($59.99; underarmour.com) are the perfect way to keep legs warm. Plus I love the addition of some neon color!

DEAL: Free shipping; enter code UAGIFT 



Avocado of the Month Club

Get up to a year's supply of good-for-you food.

8.) EAT RIGHT Add Avocado of the Month Club to your Christmas list and you’ll get three (or more, depending on what you select) months of avocados (full of good-for-you fat) plus a bottle of avocado oil ($194.95 for 3-month membership; avocadoofthemonthclub.com).

DEAL: FREE SHIPPING, but if you join Oprah’s Avocado of the Month Club on avocadoofthemonthclub.com, you’ll get a 3-month membership for $110.


Radiation-busting cell phone case from Pong

Reduces cancer-causing cell phone radiation by up to 95 percent.

9.) STAY SAFE I have one of these Soft Touch Pong Cell Phone Cases ($49.99 each; pongresearch.com) and am buying some for my friends for the holidays. Why? It’s the only cell phone case proven in numerous studies to reduce cell phone radiation. Comes in a variety of colors and styles; I have the hot pink one!

DEAL: There’s no deal on this one; but I feel so strongly about it that I included it anyway.



plastic bag dryer from Gaiam

You will use this simple countertop gadget over and over again.

10.) DO GOOD I have one of these Countertop Bag Dryers ($20; gaiam.com)—and love it! I can re-use my Ziploc snack bags (saving them from the landfill)—and even use it to dry my water bottles (although you have to make sure the weight is balanced on two sides so it doesn’t topple over). Everyone should have one in his/her kitchen!

DEAL: 20 percent off and free shipping; use code FESTIVE or FRIENDS11.


I am NOT Superwoman: Hear me Roar!

Written by: on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011
woman at peace; woman taking time to relax; taking time to smell the roses

Imagine having the time to just lie in nature and deep breathe. Sound indulgent, a waste of time? Maybe it's time to re-assess your life...

We live in a society where doing more, being more, having more is lauded … I lived that life for a long time—and did it at such a frenzy and a pace that I never had time to take a step back and look at whether being Superwoman to everyone and everything did anything for ME? The answer it did not.

While I did everything everyone ever asked of me (I never said no. I put out a magazine every month, oversaw the web site, went to lunches, outside talks, did volunteer efforts…ran from morning to night)—with much ohs and ahs “you do so much!”—inside I was slowly dying. I never did anything for myself, had no hobbies, never had time to pursue things I was interested in learning about, and never had much time for my family.

In a nutshell, I was so caught up in the myth of being a Superwoman that I never stopped to think what living that myth—day in and day out—was for doing for my soul.

Sure, I loved the work I did…but the pace at which so many of us work today is unparalleled. Work defines our life, who we are, our value in life. It sucks up our identity during the week (and now, the way jobs are, on the weekends and during every vacation).

So in taking a step back, I’ve realized I can no longer be Superwoman. And I don’t want to be. I want to work, but I want to have time to do other things important to living a fulfilled and happy life. (As that old cliche goes: no one ever said on their deathbed that they wished they had worked more!) And I’m proud that I’ve finally made this life-changing discovery. It only took me 41 years…

If you are starting to feel the way I did, here are a few things you can do:

1) Re-assess your work life. Can you shut down your computer at the same time every night—no excuses—or are you the type of person (as I was) who would continue to do more and more, leaving after only you completed everyone’s requests? You may find that you can easily achieve more work-life balance by putting limits on your time. “I leave at 6 every night”. Sure some people may think that you’re not motivated, but in truth, it’s those people who are probably most miserable in life. And do you really care what they think?

2)  Cut off e-mail at a certain time every day. And do not check it beyond that point. We live in a 24/7 society where if a boss e-mails you at 10, you’re expected to respond. Sure, you might think: I have to, if I want to get ahead. But ask yourself: is getting ahead at the expense of you really worth it? There’s that old cliche: if you give an inch, they’ll take a mile. And this is truth with setting (or not setting) hard-and-fast limits at work.

3) Do the things you want to do now. Do not put them off. If you want to train for a triathlon, start a plan today. If you want to take a photography course, sign up for a class. Doing more things in your life that you want to do will take the emphasis off work—so you’ll start to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

4) If you’re not happy in your job, look for another one. Finding a new one that offers you more work-life balance may not happen overnight, but moving toward that goal will give you more energy and make you feel more fulfilled.

And remember: you will ever never regret having more time for you…