What Special Gifts Do You Have to Give?

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Each one of us has traits that make us unique. Have you taken time to grow—and share—yours?

It was a group activity at one of those personal growth seminars. We were each given a small envelope containing five dried beans, which would symbolize five of the gifts we have to offer the world. After consideration, I identified my gifts on the outside of the envelope: Empathy, Leadership, Generosity, Persistence, and Music.

None of us had told the others what we had written, and we were to approach the other members of the group individually and ask each other in a style reminiscent of the game Go Fish for the things we were looking for. “I am looking for _______  (Love, Forgiveness, Peace, etc.). Do you have any to give me?” If the person didn’t have any of what you were looking for, you moved on.

While I didn’t find others who had what I was looking for, I was more distressed that people didn’t ask for what I had. I WANTED to share my gifts. I saw others smiling as their partner asked for what they had to give and they exchanged beans. One of my gifts is Generosity. I enjoy giving. And yet, no one asked for what I had.

How often do we do this? We have so much to offer, and yet we wait for others to see it in us, to ask us to shine our light. I know so many people (me included), who have yearned for someone to recognize our specialness, to invite us to share what we can do well.

And yet, it is our responsibility to first recognize it in ourselves, and then to find ways to share our gifts with the world. I never got to sing in the choir without first singing, and it’s only through practice and try-outs that I was ever chosen for a solo.

Each of us has something to offer the world, a unique combination of strengths and talents that is ours alone. It is through expressing them and sharing them with the world that we find our purpose and add meaning to our lives.

Are you claiming your gifts? Are you expressing them in your own unique way to serve both yourself and the world? Take some quiet time today to write down the gifts you have to offer to the world; no pressure. If you can only think of one or two—or 100!—write down whatever comes to mind.

Then, your goal over the coming weeks: come up with one or two strategies on how you can cultivate and share this gift with others. Write to me with your thoughts and questions!


Emily DownwardAbout Emily Downward
Emily Downward is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, working with individual clients and companies to help people find more passion and joy in what they do. With a variety of inquiry tools and a focus on strengths, Emily leverages her experience and knowledge to help people create a life they love with less stress, more inner peace and the joy of accomplishing their dreams. Find more about Emily at emilydownward.com.