Love Lululemon jackets!

Lululemon jacket

Love the longer length of this jacket! It’s very slimming.

Lululemon Jackets

The back hits below the butt, which flatters any body.













Looking for a great all-around jacket for spring? Head to Lululemon. I recently purchased one of these jackets in black and absolutely love it. I wear it to the gym, to/from yoga, walking around the park, and basically everywhere! It’s completely windproof and water resistant, has a handy hood, and zips up completely around the neck for chilly mornings.

It’s also lined with a sweat-wicking fabric, which is brilliant. And it has a hidden “media” pocket to keep your phone or music from bouncing around. Plus, it fits pretty true to size; no need to buy a size up, or down! Comes in cadet blue and black, both shown here. ($138…and worth every penny;

* Note: While I love most Lululemon products, I’m not a fan of their headbands…while they come in many colors and prints, they simply do not stay put. I’m constantly adjusting them during workouts, which is beyond frustrating. I’d say pass on these!

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