Finally! Peppermint Bark That’s Vegan, Gluten & Dairy Free


This yummy peppermint bark is vegan—and gluten and soy free too!

My family loves peppermint bark around the holidays—but since my two sons are gluten and dairy free, we tend not to buy the stuff. But now I’ve found that the Natural Candy Store (my favorite spot to buy candy free of all the typical junk) is now selling Peppermint Bark that’s organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Amazing! Plus, it’s delicious too! (I also bought Surf Sweets Organic Holiday Gummies to decorate the gingerbread houses we’ll be making soon.)

If you haven’t tried The Natural Candy Store yet, it’s a must visit—particularly if your child is allergic to anything (they have special sections on the website that sell allergen-free candy). And while sugar isn’t great for anyone (including kids),  you won’t find things like Red Dye #40 or Blue Dye #1 (which have been linked to ADHD in kids) in this stuff.

This site (and the candy sold on it) is worth a click through. I can definitely vouch for it—and the candy (and even baking decorations) they sell!


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