Looking for some creative gift ideas?


Tired of giving the same old humdrum gifts every year? Or feeling a bit unsure about what to give—friends, loved ones, co-workers? Look no further than these stay-fit, stay-healthy, and stay-inspired gift suggestions (see below)! We put these ideas together based on the things we’d love to get (hint, hint!). Hope you enjoy…and remember: it’s not about the how much you spend, but the thought that counts!

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Kelsey OTooleAbout Kelsey OToole
Kelsey just graduated from the University of Connecticut where she studied both journalism and French. She loves running, yoga, and just about anything having to do with working out—and eating right (which is all about portions and ingredients; “if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, then stay away!”). Her motto for life: you have to live and do what makes you happy! It's all about finding a healthy balance, and the rest usually falls into place!!