“Help! Dieter in need of a few words of encouragement!” Weight-Loss Diary

Our new “lifestyle” is kicking my butt. My husband works out of town, I still work nights, and now I am a single parent. People do this. Others manage. What have I learned from all this constant effort at eating right and exercising to be healthy?

My fitness palNot sure! Because I still expect a Danish or an ice cream cone to make me less tired, less frustrated, less overwhelmed, less busy, less lonely. I’m trying to regroup and pull myself together. At 4 o’clock this morning, I wrote, “Help!” on my status for MyFitnessPal. My friend, Crystal, who has struggled too (she’s gained and lost a lot and gained back some and is now doing steadily awesome), came to my aide with, “Come on now! Let’s go! You’re not quitting now!”

Thank God for the love, support and understanding of those in the fray with me. Those 9 words flashing across the front of my iPhone when I got up today really, really helped. I made my shake instead of eating whatever. I sat down to write this blog about weight loss that I don’t even feel worthy to do because I feel like I go nowhere. Those 9 words will get me on the treadmill when I am so tired.  Thank you, Crystal.  I could use more support.

Anyone out there have any words of encouragement? Please, share!


Melissa JulianoAbout Melissa Juliano
Melissa describes herself as "a work in progress". She's a 42-year-old mother of "2 smart and beautiful girls and married to [her] perfect partner". She practices medicine as a physician assistant in internal medicine/hospitalist medicine. She lives in a rural area of Pennsylvania. You can write to Melissa to help cheer her on and/or offer her advice and tips that worked for you at melissa@valerielatona.com.