“Why Mixing Up Your Exercise Routine Helps”: Weight Loss Diary

Dogs as running partners: Weight Loss Diary for valerielatona.com

My faithful running companion!

The treadmill is boring to the point of being undoable. I needed a change. But I always felt like I couldn’t run outdoors because I live in the boonies. In my mind, which I might add is always quick to come up with any kind of exercise excuse, there are lions and tigers and bears out here. Well, bears for sure and mountain lions maybe depending on who you talk to. In reality, the 10-ton log trucks barreling down my no-shoulder road are a bigger threat than a bear.

So I decided to heck with my fears…and I gave Pumba, my dog, a pep talk about not pulling my arm off on the leash and we drove the ½ mile to a side road that sees less traffic. Then we ran. He was so good and I felt safe with him trotting along out in front. His tags jangled loud enough to be fair warning for any bear to steer clear. Plus, he is a pit bull and ought to give any human up to no good pause before thinking of messing with me.

We ran 2.33 miles in 32 minutes 34 seconds for an average pace of 13 minutes 57 seconds per mile.  Now I could beat myself up about how pathetic that is. I could probably walk faster. But pavement is much different than a treadmill and there are HILLS here. My legs muscles are tired when I get off the treadmill but not usually sore. But  today I am sore. Those hills build muscle and endurance!

My running partner is snoring loudly now … and I feel ready to take on the world!

Just another example of how mixing up your routine can motivate you even more!

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