“From size 22 to size 16: my newest size—and picture!”: Weight Loss Diary

Melissa Juliano: Weight Loss Diarist valerielatona.com

April 4, 2010

Melissa Juliano: Weight Loss Diarist valerielatona.com

Me today! March 27, 2012












What a chore it is to find a picture of me from BEFORE!  But here is one from two years ago…along with a DURING shot that I actually asked my husband to take (this is a big deal as I have never wanted anyone, even my husband, to take pictures of me!). I haven’t reached my AFTER yet, but I will!

I asked my husband to take the picture to help me celebrate because yesterday I bought some new slacks in a size 16. That dress in my before shot was a 22. Oy! My snazzy new top is an XL, not a 2XL. I went into TJ Maxx and had to put things back because everything fit and I couldn’t buy it all. BEFORE, I just got what fit and didn’t think about whether I liked it. Wow, I don’t mind looking at this DURING picture. Not at all.  Yeah!  Now, I’m off for a run…….

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