“11 confidence-boosting thoughts about being healthy”: Weight Loss Diary

Melissa Juliano: Weight Loss Diarist for Valerielatona.com

I never say "diet" around my girls; I want to teach them about healthy eating so they never have to go through what I'm going through now.

Last week my weight on weigh-in day was 204. Today it is 205 on weigh-in day. I am disgusted. I am frustrated. I am pissed off. I know what I am doing wrong. I’m just not sure why it is so wrong that I gain. I think about throwing in the towel and just eating and being happy but problem is eating didn’t make me happy and neither did being huge. I love how I feel and I want more of it. So the only way to get that is to work harder.

Random Positive Thoughts about Being Smaller and Healthier:

1. My hips fit in most chairs!
2. I can ski with my daughters!
3. Although I don’t go far or fast I am a runner!
4. I weigh less than my husband!
5. I don’t have to buy plus size clothes anymore!
6. I love looking at athletic clothes, buying them and wearing them!
7. I am beating back the physical, psychological, emotional damage of sleep deprivation and being a night worker by eating right, losing weight, and exercising!
8. I am teaching my daughters to be healthy, move every day, to eat when hungry, and to do something (instead of eating) when bored!
9. I have motivated quite a few people to get moving and lose weight. Some are even blowing me away in what they are accomplishing!
10. My patients see my struggles and my successes and know I understand theirs!
11. I feel gooooooood!
That was helpful. Who needs therapy when I have me! Now to plan my workout and dinner. Onward and upward!

Melissa JulianoAbout Melissa Juliano
Melissa describes herself as "a work in progress". She's a 42-year-old mother of "2 smart and beautiful girls and married to [her] perfect partner". She practices medicine as a physician assistant in internal medicine/hospitalist medicine. She lives in a rural area of Pennsylvania. You can write to Melissa to help cheer her on and/or offer her advice and tips that worked for you at melissa@valerielatona.com.