An easy way to keep up your summer glow this fall!

Written by: on Thursday, September 29th, 2011
Alpha Beta Glow Pads

Contains anti-aging ingredients too!

This past summer, I swam my almost daily laps in an outdoor pool. The result: a pretty nice golden glow (complete with freckles I haven’t seen in years!). And, yes, yes, while I know tanning is actually a response of the skin to sun damage, I must admit, I have enjoyed the bronze-y no-makeup look!

To keep it up, I’ve been using these AMAZING wipes from Dr. Dennis Gross (Alpha Beta Glow Pads)—a top dermatologist in New York City and creator of a top-notch skincare line—every other morning. They exfoliate while adding a bit of faux color. Just wash your hands after swiping over your face and neck to prevent your palms from getting “tan”! ($32 for a little more than a month’s supply;