…and now Dior’s John Galliano is out (more proof stars are losing a grip)

Charlie Sheen is still losing it, despite his cozy, kinky threesomes that are splashed across the news every day; Lindsay Lohan is always on the brink of being put in the clink; Christina Aguilera got locked up because she was wasted along with her new beau, who was driving the car; and John Galliano—Dior’s designer whose creations I never really wore because I couldn’t afford them—is fired for making drunken anti-Semitic slurs. What the hell is going on with these people? Get a grip on reality! Get a grip on your lives people: life is not about air kissing, catwalks, and publicity stunts (at least, dear God, I hope it isn’t as I’ve really lost out then). Do these people have any depth? While I always try to assume the best in people, I think the answer is a resounding “no”.

Not all stars are crazy: one whom I loved meeting was Modern Family's Sophia Vergara (this shot at my last cover shoot for Shape). She's real, down to earth, and grounded. Let's focus on these saner celebs and leave the other ones to their ridiculous antics.

That’s part of the problem: so many of the stars in Hollywood (and not all of them are this way, see photo of Sophia Vergara, above…)—and the world of people who dress the stars—is not a reality. It’s either a huge publicity stunt or the result of them just not caring (I mean, really, Christina, you have a son for chrissakes. You could have been killed in a crash! Did you think about Max or did you not think…it’s probably the latter.) Charlie Sheen started a Twitter account and within hours he had more than 345,000 followers! (I was not one of them, nor will I be.) Next up a reality show about his kinky relationship and psychotic life (you know this will be next)…and the worst part, people will watch it! Lindsay Lohan struts into court as if she’s strutting down the red carpet. And John Galliano…well, that’s just a sad situation, but I’m sure he’ll come out of it—at the top. Maybe he’ll have his own reality show too—or at least his own clothing line.

And I actually feel bad for Billy Ray Cyrus: Hanna Montana probably really did ruin his family. But shame on him (sorry for the finger wagging) for pushing her into it in the first place. I’m one of those moms who will NEVER sign my kids up for an modeling audition or a movie spot or anything: let kids be kids. If they grow up too soon, they may be flashing their panties at an audience and dancing on bars like Miley Cyrus when they’re just 18 years old.

As happiness in our own lives drops (we’re working more, spending more and having less time to enjoy life), we’re more and more fascinated by the sad, pathetic lives of these stars on the brink—fueling them and their behavior. Ratings go up after Charlie Sheen trashes his hotel room. If we can watch the train wrecks on Jersey Shore or in Charlie Sheen’s lives…then don’t we feel so much better in our own lives? That theory doesn’t really work as any satisfaction gained is fleeting at best.

My best advice: focus on improving your own life—and really try to work toward fixing the problems in it, one step at a time—and ignore these publicity stunts: don’t sign up for Charlie Sheen’s tweets, don’t sit glued to the TV or the computer watching the rants of stars on the brink of losing it. And maybe they’ll learn to reign in their stupid stunts and make something of their lives. At least one can always hope.

Valerie LatonaAbout Valerie Latona
As the former editor in chief of Shape (the active lifestyle magazine) for 5 years, I personally spoke with a lot of women (thousands over the years, from around the nation) and what I found is this: it's not easy to stay healthy, to get (and stay) fit, and to stem the weight gain tide (and even the tide of disease) that inevitably happens to us as we get older.