Cold-hearted Women & The Man Cold (aka When Men Get Sick)

When men get sick_men big babies when they get a cold_the man cold

Hmmmm....Do men revert back to being children when they're sick?

Get out the tissues and the empathy: my guy is sick. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love him, but I don’t love him when he’s under the weather. “Groan” I hear very loudly as my significant other moves any body part. “Sigh” “Oww” are the common sounds I hear over and over as he’s huddled under blankets on the couch. “I’m sick.”

Umm… “Yes, dear, I know you’re sick” I tell him often, as I’ve just spent a week caring for two sick, feverish kids 24/7 while he was out in California on a business trip for the entire week. The phone messages we’d get from the West Coast: “Hi, it’s me! Hope you are all doing well! Things are great here; I’m just getting ready to go for a run on the beach before I head to breakfast.” Click. Yes, thanks. We needed that. So yes, while I should have more empathy, I just don’t. Cold-hearted, cold-blooded woman? Maybe.

Now don’t get me wrong: it’s not like I ignore him while he’s sick. I just tell him to go to bed and I’ll handle everything else. “Did you take your medicine?” I ask him. “Ummm…no,” he says. “Well then take your medicine!$#@!” (not sure why I have to remind him as women are pretty capable of this on their own).

And when anyone asks “How are you doing?” (like friends did recently at a party—that he was well enough to attend and whoop it up with the guys, I might add) he’s quick to cough and respond with a long, drawn-out sigh “I’m on the mend.”

It got me thinking: why are women able to juggle sick kids, fever of their own, and everything else—sans a sigh or a loud groan…and without having to tell everyone and their friends? Genetics? Stronger disposition?

I asked some of my women friends: “Men are big babies,” said one. Another agreed. What are your thoughts? Take this poll…[polldaddy poll=4764357]

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