Francine: Women Just Like Me

  • Spinning Obsessed
    A couple of years ago I took up spinning on the recommendation of a friend.  She loved it, said it was great exercise and I haven’t seen her in a class since!  Well, I got hooked.  I love the […]

  • Will that be a Window or Aisles Seat?
    We’ve all been there.  You’ve made the decision to travel and fly to your destination.  Once that decision is made and your ticket is booked, next comes the second decision, choosing your […]

  • From the Pages of Canada’s Globe and Mail
    I was recently interviewed by Leah Eichler, Globe and Mail journalist,  for a story on digital overload.  It was fun and interesting looking at the habits we build over time and how I manange my […]

  • Career Lessons for the Next Generation
      I recently have been working with a number of young women, one as my summer intern, and all of them curious to  know what I thought were important lessons for them as they embarked on their own […]

  • Magical and EmotionalTransformations
    Every year in August, the largest blogger conference takes place in the US.  BlogHer, the largest network of bloggers have their two and half day conference where bloggers from all over come to […]

  • This One Made Me LOL…Really
    I have recently started to play with Tweeter, not knowing what I would find and how it would entertain or educate me. I have to tell you that in the last 48 hours, I’ve been entertained,I […]

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