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  • The No-Gym, No-Detox Way to Start the New Year Right
    Make New Year’s resolutions if you want. But there may be a better way to get the year headed in the direction you want. A few years ago, I realized that a much more fun thing to do at New […]

  • A New Twist on Giving 110%
    As if it wasn’t already cool enough to take a nice, tough indoor cycling class this morning from superfit female NFL player Jay Dantzler (she’s on the New York Sharks), she comes out with […]

  • What to do With Old Tubes and Wetsuits
    If getting a flat isn’t enough of a drag, there’s the can’t-just-drop-in-the-recycling-bin innertube to deal with. But the clever folks at Green Guru take tubes that have outlived […]

  • Kona 2011 Iron Dinner: Crowie and Chrissie Not the Only Winners
    What’s the next-best thing to being in Kona for the Ironman World Championships? Having some triathlon friends over for an Iron Dinner while watching the live stream — an event that […]

  • Best Bike Innovations: A Biased List
    All this recent talk about Interbike, the UK’s Cycle Show, and who’s riding which uber-bike in Kona this weekend prompted me to review the best bike innovations I’ve seen. But these […]

  • Bad Race? More Rescues from Torbjorn Sindballe
    So you’re in a race and you’re fighting hard, but you see your goals start slipping away. It’s over, right? Not even close. One of the most important things I learned when […]

  • True Story: Tough Day to (Almost) PR
    One of the more paradoxical ways to reach your race goals is to let go of them or change them on the fly if they’re not working. Changing your race goal on the fly isn’t about giving yourself […]

  • Best Legal Performance Booster: It’s Probably In Your Kitchen
    If people look askance at you for drinking coffee before or after your workout, just be nice when you pass them on the swim, bike, or run. When you know how to use it, caffeine can be an effective […]

  • Why You Feel Slow When it’s Hot Out
    When it’s broiling hot out, it’s not unusual to feel like you’re dragging a tractor trailer tire around with you during your workouts. And it’s no wonder. Your body is used to […]

  • Make Every Race More Comfortable
    Nothing’s more annoying than an athlete wristband that’s flopping around and chafing or that feels small enough for a 6-year-old to be wearing it. That’s not what you need to […]

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