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  • SweetTalk from Sweetlife Adventures
    SweetTalk from Sweetlife Adventures is our new blog We’ve taken our same sweet blabber and prettied it up on a more interactive platform. Check out SweetTalk here for recent blog posts and […]

  • How Sweet is Your Lemonade
    For those of us in Colorado (and many other places in the U.S.), this summer is on fire. Literally. With record heat waves and extreme dry conditions, our sweet hills desperately need Mother […]

  • The Happiness Challenge
    Congratulations. You are registered for the Sweetlife Adventures Happiness Challenge. Your happiness training begins tomorrow, May 1. It will last 21 days. The goal is to develop the habit of happy […]

  • Sweet Yellow Dots
    There’s a great Jerry Seinfeld quote ~ “Life is truly a ride. We’re all strapped in and no one can stop it. When the doctor slaps your behind, he’s ripping your ticket and […]

  • (30) Nine is So Fine
    Last Friday night was full of birthday shenanigans. Our daughter Hudson turned 9 and my lifelong BFF Andrea was 39.99 with her big 4-0 the next day, St. Patrick’s Day. Andrea and I have been […]

  • Early Empowerment
    Last week we received a 6 slide powerpoint presentation from our nearly 9 year old presenting her case for a Kentucky Spring Break trip with her BFFs grandmother. We weren’t sure if we should […]

  • A Tour & Tea in the Land of Sweets
    Moms & Daughters gathered at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House for a private backstage tour of Colorado Ballet’s Nutcracker. Front row – the only guests in the theater – we watched […]

  • Share the High Fives
    At our son’s hockey game last weekend, I watched rink side. With my husband helping coach and the girls sleeping at Grandma’s, I was (happily) alone. As the first big play went down, I […]

  • The Happy of the Season
    Yesterday I came home to find some letters to Santa on our kitchen table. This was page 2 of our 3 year old’s, as transcribed by her patient big sister ~ A quick scan — glow in the […]

  • The Sweetness of 48 Hours
    I recently spent 48 hours with four of my favorite people on the planet ~ We all have these people in our lives. People you have known for years (16 for this group). You travel together […]

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