Great advice on how to start your day…tomorrow!

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Make it a point to start your day with a different attitude...

Before you jump in the shower or do your morning workout or have breakfast or…whatever you do in the morning, take a moment to give thanks for everything you have and are. It’s so hard to do these days as often things don’t go our way—or we aren’t in a place to really appreciate ourselves or our bodies.

I got this advice from natural health and wellbeing expert Debra Koerner (executive director of the Destination Spa Group)—and loved it. According to Koerner:

Take a moment each day to express thanks for what is going ‘right’ in your life; your perspective will shift away from what you don’t have to what you do have. This can be a great boost and start your day off from a place of gratitude.”

Good advice I’ll be putting into practice tomorrow—and every day from now on!

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Valerie LatonaAbout Valerie Latona
As the former editor in chief of Shape (the active lifestyle magazine) for 5 years, I personally spoke with a lot of women (thousands over the years, from around the nation) and what I found is this: it's not easy to stay healthy, to get (and stay) fit, and to stem the weight gain tide (and even the tide of disease) that inevitably happens to us as we get older.